Will Rea

I am currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds specialising in African Art History.  I work primarily in Nigeria and have spent the last thirty years investigating, writing about and photographing the culture of the Yoruba people of that country.  For several years I lived in the town of Ikole in Ekiti State working with masquerade performers.  More recently I have been working in Lagos and Ibadan on the contemporary cultural life of modern Nigeria.

In the UK I have contributed to numerous conferences and have worked closely with both cultural curators and with the commercial sector.  I am happy to advise and research on materials from across Nigeria - both in the classic traditions and modern and contemporary works.


While Africa is my main field I also work in the Pays Basque of South Western France and, as former chair of the Harlow Art Trust, have an ongoing interest in British art of the Twentieth Century.      




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